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Attention Skiers... Don't Let Your Legs Quit Early on a Powder Day Again!

"Who Else Wants to Discover a Surefire Skier Workout System That Will Turn Your Legs Into Pillars of Steel That Can Ski All Day Long and Dominate the Slopes...

  • Without the Deep Leg Burning that Slows You Down

  • Without the "Jello Legs" that Makes You Stumble

  • Without the Leg Fatigue that Makes You Rest Often & Quit Early

...While at the same time developing strong joints that will keep you injury-free and on the slopes as often and long as you wish.

Warning:  A common side-effect of this program is that your entire body will become extremely sexy and rock hard... Beware of frequent advances from the opposite sex! 

Just kidding... but hey, you never know!  Seriously though...

Your New Rock Hard Legs & Solid Core Will Have You:

  • Eating up the Moguls with more power, speed, and agility than you've ever experienced

  • Tearing through the glades with ease and confidence

  • Carving down the mountain all day without the fatigue or deep leg burn that slows you down

  • Thrashing through the powder without a hint of leg weakness or stumble

  • Showing off a leaner, harder body that looks better getting into the hot tub at the end of a hard day of skiing!


Dear Fellow Avid Skier,

Several years ago, on yet another skiing excursion with some friends, we woke up to one of those days we all dream about as skiers... a 2-foot dumping of fresh powder overnight had created one of those epic skiing days that you'll never forget for the rest of your life!

fresh powder skiingAs we made our first run down through the freshies, marking up the mountain with first tracks, the exhilaration of thrashing through the powder was an extreme adrenaline rush!

The fresh, crisp mountain air filled our lungs as we huffed and puffed through the trees, with every shoulder brush of the pine branches, knocking off more fresh powder.

Ahh, this is the kind of day us skiers and boarders dream about!  The kind of day where you can't even wipe the smile off your face you're on such a high from floating through the pow.

As we got about 2-3 hours into this amazing day of powder skiing, a common problem started to occur in most of the skiers in our group...

Most of us started to get such deep leg burning and fatigue, that it was starting to severely slow us down, and make us start to stumble here and there... you know, those little mess ups that really annoy you, because you know you're a better skier than that!

We all were getting the symptoms commonly known as "jello legs", and it was ruining our day of epic powder skiing. The snow was so incredible that we wanted to ski straight through the whole day without breaks until close, but our legs were just not having it.

I didn't want to admit it to my buddies, but my legs were simply shot, and I had to call it quits early that day.

What was Wrong with Our Legs?

Later that night, we were relaxing in the lodge with some drinks, soaking our sore muscles in the hot tub. We started talking about how we wished we had been better physically prepared for this ski trip, so that we could have made the most of what was one of the best skiing days you'll ever experience.

The thing that most of us noticed was that we were all in fairly decent shape already, however we simply hadn't conditioned our legs well enough to handle a tough day of skiing like this.

One of my friends then shouted over to me, "Mike, you're a professional fitness trainer... why don't you come up with some sort of program for skiers to develop rock solid legs that can last all day long on the slopes without the deep burn and jello legs?"

Everybody else agreed it was something they wanted to try also. So, I figured I'd start developing and testing programs as soon as we got back from this trip.

Let the testing begin...

Dozens of Trials & Tribulations Lead to Development of a Killer Lower Body and Core Training Program for Skiers that Want to Dominate the Slopes...

Going WAY Beyond Just the Typical "Wall Squats" & Lunges

When I first set out and started experimenting with various exercise combinations, sequences, and types, I knew I needed to look beyond just the typical wall squats and leg extensions that everybody does thinking that these alone are going to give them the leg endurance and strength they need to tear up the slopes.


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