About Us

HEAD INTERNATIONAL GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED is based in HK . The company was found in 2002. Enjoy a high reputation and credit at the international level. Our partners and customers are all over the world.We JV in all of the world. Most of countries has our JV companies and branch. We have invested in dozens of factory companies in mainland China. We are the general agent of more than a dozen European and American food factories in china market. Welcome new partner join our team....

Join us and you will possess the whole world !

We are one of the larger  importer and exporter with total annual turn over up to 500 million euros. We are extending our experience and support for several other products and services. We are keen in investment, financing, safe food , red wine , helicopter etc. products and other finance service etc... Kindly contact us for any further clarifications.

Email: head500de@hotmail.com

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