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Learn How to WIN Any Election

How to Win Any Election is Local Victory’s premium guide to running and winning any political campaign.  This is it – everything we’ve learned in over a decade of helping candidates win, all in one complete package.

It’s all in here… from fundraising and message to working the grassroots and designing direct mail.  This is a complete guide to running successful political campaigns and winning on Election Day.

Everything You Need to Win is Included

Anyone who’s ever run a campaign before will tell you: there’s a lot that goes in to running a successful political campaign.  That’s why we included everything in this kit, without holding back any of our time-tested strategies or tactics.  In this kit, you will learn:

  • How to get on the ballot, gather a team, and start your campaign
  • How to write a campaign plan, perform research, and run campaign polls
  • The best ways to develop your campaign message, image, and theme
  • How to use TV, radio, the Internet and more in your campaign
  • Why the grassroots matter, and how to run a professional grassroots campaign
  • How to raise money by holding events, starting major donor groups, and more…

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How Will You Feed Your Family
When the Food Crisis Hits?

What would happen if a natural, civil or economic disaster prevented us from growing, transporting and importing food?

Food prices would rise and supermarket shelves would go empty.

Within three days there'd be no food left in most people's homes.

Chaos and anarchy would break out. Thousands (if not millions) would starve.

Are you prepared for such a situation? Do you realize how close our technology-driven agricultural industry is to experiencing such a crisis?

In fact, it is because our food system is so sophisticated, integrated and advanced that it is so vulnerable.

The thought that the globe's leading nations (like the United States and Canada) could suffer even a temporary food shortage (no less a prolonged food crisis) seems unthinkable to most people. Of course, that's what the government prefers.

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