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Overwhelmed... on Moving to Spain?

Discover The Essential Guide to Living in Spain… Be Prepared Before... During... and After You Make The Move!!!

Dear Future Neighbour,

The dream of living in Spain with sun, ocean breezes, white sandy beaches and rich food makes it an inviting place to call home.

However... the thought of moving to Spain brings up many questions. Questions like:

  • How can you get into the Health Care System in Spain and how good is it?

  • You have heard stories about houses being illegally built, How do you know when you are Buying Property that it is legal?

  • Where can you find stable work? Do you need work permits?

  • Should you register with the Tax authorities and how do you? When are you responsible for Income Taxes?

  • What permits do you need to live in Spain? Where can you get them?

  • Can you get by speaking only English? Do you need to learn Spanish to live and work there?

  • Does Spain have a good school system? Are there English speaking schools?


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