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Forget BIG being beautiful when it comes to growing your money… the numbers don’t compute.

From 2000 to 2010, the S&P 500—loaded with America’s biggest companies—lost investors $9.6 trillion dollars of wealth!

Thankfully, Nathan Gold, The Penny Stock Egghead, has happier news for investors.

“During that same time period, lowly penny stocks (companies undiscovered, under-priced and overlooked by Wall Street)...

Soared by more than 117%!

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ATTENTION TRADERS: In the recent bank reform bill, they actually suggested ‘banning’ this type of trading!  Here’s what they said:  “It gives those traders an unfair advantage!

TradeMiner A new software trading tool that helps identifies trading opportunities through the use of Artificial Intelligence and brute force mathematics. What used to take days of time consuming mathematical calculations through an Excel spreadsheet is now done in a matter of seconds. For the past 10 years, TradeMiner has been a proprietary trading tool developed for market analysts, system signal providers, and Stocks, Futures and Forex newsletter authors & magazine publishers

This tool, until now, has only been available to a small select group of industry professionals & traders -- For now, this tool is available to you. The software finds historically accurate trends that have been profitable 80%, 90% or even 100% of the time over the past 5,10,20, or even 30 years. This is all done through a proprietary, artificial intelligent, data cube that allows the computer to calculate and find (mine) millions and millions of trades in seconds

TradeMiner Provides You With The Following Guidelines: • Entry Date: When the historical trend begins. • Exit Date:  When the trend ends. • Profit & Loss:  How much money the trade has made over the past 5, 10, 15, 30, 40 or more years. • Exit Strategy:  Recommended stop loss order placement and profit targets. • Detailed History:  Review the actual trade history of each trade. • Risk Vs. Reward:  Risk Levels that were required to obtain the stated profit. • Profit Probability: Probability percentages of potential profitability. • Trading Style:  Supports both short term trend identification for day traders, as well as long-term trends for position trading. • Brokerage:  Works with any brokerage account, no expensive EA’s or other special software required. • No Programming: No programming required, no complicated installation. • Which Computer?: TradeMiner is not a website, its a downloadable application that’s Java based, therefore it works on PC, MAC, or Linux! Run TradeMiner, even when you have no Internet access.  Only requires 2Gigs of memory to run! (Recommend four.)

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